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About JCollins of Photography by jc.

Jim became interested in photography when he was in grammar school.

Photography for Jim started when his mother found an old camera of her’s, it was a two and a quarter format, bellows type. Jim’s mother showed him how it worked and what type of film he could use in it. Jim took a few rolls of black and white, and then he tried color transparencies and still has them to this day.

Having summers off of school, he took a summer job to buy a new camera, the Polaroid Land, Model 150 camera was the one Jim had his eye on. After saving enough, he purchased the camera. After schooling it was into the Navy for eight years. There he was still taking pictures with the Polaroid, right up to the time he upgraded to a thirty five mm Range Finder type camera and back to transparencies using Ektachrome film.

Early experience
During the time in the Navy, Jim was a boat pilot, he drove a 50 foot cabin cruiser and a 64 foot tug boat. This gave Jim the opportunity to take photographs from the water side of the Navy base. After the Navy Jim worked as a tool maker, and a part time photojournalist. Having photographs publish in Connecticut newspapers.

Jim’s next step was to set up a dark room. Pan-X film was the main choice, and the black and white darkroom was a fascinating place. Jim liked watching a print appear in a chemical tray on the exposed sheet of paper.

In the early 1970's Jim got into auto racing, just as a photographer. Some of the events he photographed were The Kendall Cup Nationals and other events at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. Events at The Glen (Watkins Glen, NY) in 1970s were, SIX HOURS, CAN-AM, Formula 5000, TRANS-AM, and VW GOLD CUP. In the years 1973, 1974, and 1975, Jim covered the Formula 1, and CAN-AM races at The Glen. He then spent a few years as a studio assistant, and wedding photographer. Even today, he incorporates some of that journalistic style into his work.

As of 1999
Jim’s life changed in 1999, for that’s the year he retired from AT&T, after thirty one years working in central offices, and on the customer premises as a Communication Technician, and an Information Application Manager.

Jim has used film for most of his photographic career, but in 2002 he move to digital photography. He found that working with digital photographs, and a computer photo editing program is so much better then a darkroom, and less space is required too.

Jim is a volunteer at the Connecticut Air and Space Center, and has found his photographic skills being put to use in creating a chronicle on the restoration of the World War Two fighter aircraft The Corsair. This project has taken Jim's photographs around the world. Some of the places that Jim has been published are England, France, Germany, US, and down under in Australia.

In the last few years Jim has entered some of his photographs in competitions, and has won ribbons in both color, and black and white categories.

Jim’s work ethic
Jim prides himself on quality customer service, on time results, enthusiasm for the client’s project, and a positive attitude, because he says "We are accountable for results".

Other interests…
Over the years Jim has been involved in so many different projects, some are Amateur Radio, Computers, Electronics, and Teaching (subjects Jim taught are, K-8 computers, Amateur Radio, and Computers classes for seniors). Jim is also a member of the local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program as Director of Communication, and a member of The Connecticut Association of Photographers.

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